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Inclusive cultures, regenerative cultures

4D Lab is a certified B corporation. What does that mean? It is a company that, although it wants to make a profit, because we all need to make a living, we work to generate a positive social and environmental impact. It is in our DNA to work for a shared well-being on a healthy planet. Together with many other people, organizations and companies we seek to build a new economy, an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

We have been talking about the transformations we need as humanity for quite some time now, because in the way we have the world organized, we generate more and more inequity (fewer and fewer people have more), which leads to exclusion, and we are also destroying our beloved home, our planet. And these transformations take time, work and dedication, because they are systemic and complex changes. Although there are many of us began the transformation processes some time ago, most of us continued with our own inertia, consuming and discarding, excluding people who we felt did not "fit in." We said to ourselves "we cannot stop the economy, education, we cannot stop companies."

 This pandemic forced us to STOP ...


With all the challenges and pain this pandemic has brought, we CANNOT afford to waste the opportunity we have to RE-DESIGN our economy, our organizations and companies, our educational system and to REGENERATE the social fabric, the ecosystems, the environment.

We come from a paradigm of a world designed based on the “survival of the fittest”. A world where only those born in a situation of greater privilege have access. We come from a SELECTIVE model, which rejects, eliminates, excludes people who DO NOT adapt to it.

We come from a culture of rejection of diversity and of NO respect for biodiversity.

When we talk about diversity, we talk about ALL people. That is a distinctive characteristic of the human being, we are all different. There are as many ways of being, of speaking, of loving, of communicating, of thinking, of working, of living together, as there are human beings on the planet.

Fortunately, there are many experiences, communities, organizations, people, who welcome diversity, who already have the lens of inclusion, that is, true coexistence, who have already been transforming their views, their practices, their policies, their cultures towards inclusion. All those people who have an open heart,  an open mind and an open will and truly welcome diversity, including disability, create much healthier and more friendly places to ALL the people, to life in general, including our ecosystems.

Let's continue this transformation towards inclusive cultures, towards regenerative cultures.