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Towards Inclusive Schools - A collaborative action research project

A pilot project that seeks to strengthen inclusion capacities in educational centers.

In 2016, Uruguay committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number four: Inclusive Quality Education.

In addition, in 2008 our country ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

All this means that we have a commitment to inclusive and quality education for all people.

To achieve this, we need to strengthen the capacities to generate and sustain quality inclusion processes.

This is how Towards Inclusive Schools was born, this collaborative action research project, based on the guidelines for inclusion and equity developed by UNESCO, that seeks to unravel the potential of educational centers to attend to the diversity of the student body.

The consultants for this process were Mg Mercedes Viola - Director of 4D Lab and ProEdu and Prof. Mel Ainscow - Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Manchester, who worked for 1 year together with 6 participating ANEP centers.

From ANEP, the Inclusive Education Board participated, made up of the General Directorate of Initial and Primary Education, the General Directorate of Secondary Education, the General Directorate of Professional Technical Education, the Education Training Council and the Directorates of Human Rights, of Education of Youth and Adults of CODICEN, as well as the Sectoral Directorates of Educational Planning and Educational Integration of CODICEN.

As a closing activity of the Plan Ceibal Summer School, the project and its methodology will be presented, the centers will share their experiences and the main learnings will be seen.