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Like this - Here, Workshop of wellbeing and social change.

"Wellbeing inspires Welldoing" The Wellbeing project

  1. Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement
  2. Being Aware – Like this and Here: Awareness, challenges and opportunities
  3. Wellbeing Economy – Individual wellbeing, community wellbeing, global wellbeing
  4. How do we continue?

What are we talking about when we talk about wellbeing?

What is the relationship between individual and planetary well-being?

What is its relationship with the community of change agents? What is its relationship with social change?

What place does wellbeing have in the transformation towards regenerative systems and processes?

Making change happen at the societal level means that it also happens at the personal level. Regenerating the social fabric, education, business models, the healthcare system, our relationship with the environment, often involves working in high-pressure, resource-scarce environments, threatening personal care and wellbeing. What defines wellbeing is different for each person, so no matter how many "good" things we have in our lives: if we do not feel that our experience is good we cannot say that these things are really working as we need them to.  We can understand and assess wellbeing at different levels: individual, community, organisational, country... but it is the first level that is the starting point for conversations with others. Looking through these lenses will allow us to experience and provide real evidence on how a society shapes the lives of its individuals and how to shape, from each other, a quality society for oneself and all people. 

We can then move on to ask ourselves: 

How does what is happening in my environment impact on me? 

How does what is happening to me impact on my environment? 

Why is it like this? What is it for? 

Summary video of the last Wellbeing workshop

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