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Latin American Inclusive Economy Festival - Incluir para Crecer 2022

Inclusion is not just an ethical decision, it is a good decision for the entire ecosystem

  1. La cultura como clave para la regeneración
  2. Educación Inclusiva
  3. Inclusión laboral
  4. Emprendedurismo inclusivo
Les invitamos a participar del Festival que se llevará a cabo el 26.27 y 28 de mayo del 2022 - acá encontrarán toda la información

The goal of this regional event is to raise awareness about the value of diversity and inclusion in education, in entrepreneurship and in the workplace

Inclusion is not just an ethical decision, it is a good decision for the entire ecosystem

Inclusive organizations and education systems are more resilient, more flexible and more creative because they tap into the diversity of all their members.

During the Pre-Event Activity for Incluir para Crecer 2022, a workshop and get-together, we shared the experiences of Incluir Para Crecer 2020, there were inspirational talks, we worked in teams to co-create the next edition of Incluir para Crecer (May 2022) on education, employment and entrepreneurship, and look into how we can contribute to public policy making.


202 Harves:  Highlights of Incluir para Crecer 2020

  • Mercedes Viola y Magdalena Cosco. – The strength of th net. 
  • Gustavo Rey – Main points from the Inclusive Employment panel.
  • Manuela da Silveira– Main points from the Education panel.
  • Natalia Guala– Public policy highlights.


  • Graciela Dede – United Nations –  Our right to be present, participate and make progress.
  • Ana Gómez – WeAll – How to put the wellbeing of people and the planet first
  • Laura Pastorini – Presencing Institute –  Cultivating our interior condition for an inclusive society.


Co-creation. Group Activity.

  • Seeds in Education and contributions to public policy.
  • Seeds in Employment and contributions to public policy.
  • Seeds in Entrepreneurship and contributions to public policy.

All the information here

The Festival will take place in May 2022

We will be sharing more information soon.

Summary of the 2021 Pre Event

Summary of the 2020 Incluir Para Crecer

Mercedes Viola and Magdalena Cosco talk about the Festival